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In mid June, the price of float glass in all regions except Qinhuangdao remained stable. Analysts at CITIC Securities (11.72, 0.00, 0.00%) believe that the downward trend of float glass boom has appeared in the medium and short term, so they are cautious about the price trend of float glass after the second half of the year

analysts pointed out that recently, the newly built production lines in North China have been ignited and put into operation by relying more on human capital, quality and technological progress zones, which has continuously increased the supply pressure of the industry, resulting in the decline of float glass prices in various regions in the middle of this month. In terms of new capacity, in the middle of this month, the capacity increased by 4450 tons/day, and the new ignition capacity increased by 3600 tons/day. It is reported that in order to avoid future inventory pressure, manufacturers have taken measures to reduce inventory locations

at present, the national float glass inventory has been digested to 16.01 million heavy boxes, and the average price has dropped to 93. 86 yuan/weight box. In terms of regions, the glass price in Beijing fell slightly this decade, and it is expected that the price will still fall in the future by adopting the self created special die; At present, the price of flexible waterproof coiled material jc/t690 ⑴ 998 with asphalt composite tire in Qinhuangdao market is stable, but the production date of the two production lines that Qinhuangdao North Glass Group expects to put into operation in this ten day period is postponed to June, and it is expected that the market price in Qinhuangdao will still fall to a certain extent in the future; The price in Guangzhou will continue to fall this ten days. Affected by the rainy weather, the market demand will fall. It is expected that the market price in Guangzhou will also fall in the future; Recently, the cement price trend in Shanghai has been stable, with only a slight fine adjustment. However, as East China gradually enters the plum rain season, it is expected that the price in East China will continue to decline in the future; Recently, the shipment volume and inventory in Henan market are basically the same as those in the first ten days. Only the prices of some varieties are slightly adjusted. It is expected that the current stable trend will continue in the future

analysts believe that the boom of float glass industry has shown a downward trend in the medium and short term. First, from the perspective of production capacity, new production lines have been put into operation, which will significantly increase the future supply of the industry. Six float glass production lines were newly ignited in this ten day period, resulting in a sudden increase in industry supply. Second, from the perspective of demand, East and South China will gradually enter the traditional consumption off-season of the glass industry, and the plum rain season will also affect the demand for float glass. Analysts predict that the industry supply pressure caused by the centralized production of new float glass production lines before "" last year will rise significantly. Under the background of making up for the domestic SEBS production gap and being affected by real estate regulation, analysts are cautious about the price trend of float glass after the second half of the year

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