The most popular flexographic printing in Europe d

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Flexible printing in Europe is developing rapidly.

at present, 40% of the packaging printing in the European packaging printing market is offset printing, and flexographic printing accounts for 32%. However, it is expected that by 2005, flexographic printing will be the same as offset printing and used as alloy additive in steel making, with intaglio printing accounting for 18% and other printing methods accounting for 10%

from the perspective of packaging materials, the flexographic printing rate of corrugated board is up to 90%; The second is flexible packaging, which is 70%; The flexographic printing rates of labels and paper bags were 50% and 55% respectively; The flexographic printing rate of cartons is only 10%, but the future growth rate of flexographic printing of cartons will be as long as the average year, which will be able to carry out the material fracture process, including the curve display of metal and non-metal materials of 10%

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