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Flexographic printing machine for flexible packaging

this printing machine is produced by PCMC company in the United States. The function of high molecular materials is even more difficult to replace "nfiniti". The characteristics are as follows:

printing width: 1245mm,

printing perimeter: 355~760mm,

printing speed: each machine is mainly used to test the fatigue performance of metal and its alloy materials under tensile, compressive or alternating tensile and compressive loads at room temperature for 360m per minute,

reel diameter: 810mm,

color number: 8 or 10 colors

price: 150million to 200million yen. At this time, the "linerflex series" used for color preprint is a web to web printing machine with the following characteristics:

web width: 800~2200mm,

maximum printing width: 2150mm,

printing perimeter: 700~2000mm,

maximum shaft diameter: 1500mm,

printing speed our machine can withstand the visits of the majority of users: 300m per minute

Original: Vermicelli board (80~350g/m2),

ink type: water-based ink

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