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Flexo printing has turned to milk bag printing to broaden new markets. Flexo printing is developing, and our packaging printing market is also expanding. The rapid development of flexo printing has also brought changes and innovations to the traditional printing. Qingdao people's Printing Co., Ltd. is a large comprehensive printing enterprise with a history of nearly 50 years. The company integrates gravure printing, offset printing, silk and other printing methods

after detailed investigation and Discussion on the code for acceptance of construction quality of masonry engineering GB 50203 ⑵ 002 certificate, the company decided to set foot in the promising fresh milk and beverage packaging and printing market. The company's new business strategic direction has shifted from the original cigarette and wine labels to the three major sterile packaging materials printing in the milk and beverage market, namely pillow shaped packaging, brick shaped packaging and roof wrapped packaging. Starting from the roof wrapped milk box printing, the company has increased the research on coextrusion composite technology, followed by pillow shaped packaging and brick shaped packaging printing, and finally formed a common situation of the three packaging and printing methods

in April 2002, the company introduced two flexo printing production lines at the same time. The two flexographic printing equipment is complete and advanced, and the advanced UV ink printing technology is adopted to directly form the product from the input of base paper. The flexographic press uses a non-stop paper receiving system, positive and negative double-sided printing, through on-line multi-color UV ink color printing, indentation, die-cutting, forming products. After pasting the boxes with the automatic heat sealing paste box machine made in Taiwan, they are disinfected, packaged and directly delivered from the factory. A single flexo printing machine produces 500000 milk boxes per day. At present, the two equipment are in good operation. The company has successively cooperated with new hope, Miaoshi, Tianxiang and other dairy groups to print milk boxes for these companies, with products all over the country and all over the country. Seeing the vigorous development of the company, we are very glad to find the first pot of gold in the sterile packaging and printing of milk drinks through flexo printing

2003, the enterprise introduced the world's latest multi-layer coextrusion coating composite production line, and the printing brush was put into use according to the performance and requirements of the flexible packaging film. It mainly produces pillow shaped bags and brick shaped bags of fresh milk and beverages, and implements high standard and high starting point production and inspection at all levels from the aspects of material printing, rewinding, film coating, cutting, disinfection and plastic. Milk box products have passed multiple certifications. The company has successfully solved the key technology of machine filling and heat sealing of coated products. The independent production of PP strips has made our co extrusion composite technology reach the domestic advanced level

we have the ability to print and produce 1.2 billion sterile packaging boxes per year. The company is the first company in the printing industry in China to pass the ISO9001 quality system 2000 certification, and will soon pass the HACCP food safety quality management body to lift the force measuring piston system certification. The company has successively formed good cooperative relations with many dairy groups in Hebei, Fujian, Shenzhen and other places. Recently, the company has reached cooperation intentions with many dairy groups, and the prospect is very broad

(zhangyuqin, Qingdao people's Printing Co., Ltd.)

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