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From August 3 to 4, the two-day "elite training meeting for Xindi Mumen newly joined dealers" has been successfully concluded

in August, the heat is unbearable, but a group of people are full of passion

August is full of enthusiasm, but a group of people are full of harvest

Xindi wooden door in August is performing brilliantly

from August 3 to 4, the two-day "elite training meeting for Xindi Mumen newly joined dealers" has been successfully concluded. We get together because of the same career and the same dream. The heat and fatigue cannot be stopped. Xindi's family members are full of passion and vitality

Mr. zhangzhihua, President, delivered a speech at the training meeting

in order to help Xindi Mumen's family grow better and provide customers with more perfect services, Xindi Mumen headquarters provided a series of complete enterprise training courses for new franchisees. Under the strong appeal of Xindi business school, new franchisees, store managers and shopping guides from all over the country jointly participated in the training

brand positioning, 3D cloud design, product knowledge, decoration style standards and specifications, sliding door product knowledge, wardrobe product knowledge, remote order system, after-sales standardized service system, material standardized system, etc. The wonderful lectures one after another will enable the family members present to better understand the brand and product related knowledge of Xindi wooden door

special lecturer of Xindi business school, the first person in the military management training and practical guidance of home building materials enterprises, Mr. Zhang zhaolun brought it "A series of courses, such as the formulation and achievement of sales goals, the absolute signing system of Xindi store and the planning and implementation of low-cost and high signing promotional activities, have benefited the family a lot.

during the two-day training, the teachers of Xindi Mumen business school continue to explore the advantages and strengths of the incoming students, and encourage the on-site students to interact.

after the training, the on-site students will be assessed by written examination, and the families with qualified results will be awarded Certificate of completion

I wish all new family members to find a suitable sales model in Xindi Mumen and shine in the market! May the enterprise and the newly joined family members trust each other like butterflies in love with flowers and realize their original dreams! Under the starry sky, we will grow together. Tomorrow, our "door" will always be on the way! Xindi wooden door will go further in the future





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