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The painting process of fish pond and shrimp pond is mainly based on the experiment and engineering practice of Taiwan Nanbao ecological pond paint research and development center in 55 years and combined with the code for construction and acceptance of architectural coatings (JGJ/t29-2003)

fish pond painting, shrimp pond painting process is mainly based on the experiment and engineering practice of Taiwan Nanbao ecological pool paint research and development center in 55 years, and combined with the code for construction and acceptance of architectural coatings (JGJ/t29-2003)

I. painting of fish pond and shrimp pond construction conditions

1. Requirements of construction environment

allowable meteorological conditions for construction:

ambient temperature above 5 ℃ and humidity below 80%; The water content of the cement base of fish pond and shrimp pond is less than 6%, and the pH value is less than 10

1) meteorological impact

it is forbidden to construct before or after the temperature is below 5 ℃ and it rains and snows

construction is not allowed when the temperature difference between morning and evening and noon is too large, and when the wall is cold at night and does not warm at noon

when it is predicted that the temperature at night will drop below 0 ℃, the construction should be completed as soon as possible during the day, so as to leave sufficient drying time

2) influence of wind

when the wind speed (for wind speed, it can be known through weather forecast, or it can be measured by special anemometer) reaches more than 5 meters/second, the construction shall be stopped; During construction in low temperature weather, tarpaulin covering measures shall be taken to reduce the impact of wind

3) impact of rain

if there is rain within 12 hours in the weather forecast, the construction should be stopped, and the construction can be carried out only after it is dry for more than 2 days in a continuous sunny day; In addition, the best construction time every day is from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m., and other times will affect the construction effect to a certain extent due to the moisture absorption on the pool surface

it is absolutely forbidden to construct on the pool surface whose water content exceeds the specified standard, otherwise it will cause blistering and peeling of the film

4) influence of condensation

for fish ponds and shrimp ponds with condensation on the surface in the morning, the construction should be carried out after the base is completely dry

5) influence of humidity:

construction shall be stopped when the humidity exceeds 80%

2. Requirements for the base surface of fish pond and shrimp pond

1). In order to ensure the quality of the base course

a. generally speaking, the new concrete base course is cured for 3-4 weeks in summer and 6-8 weeks in winter; The new plastered base course shall be cured for at least 10 days; Painting can be carried out only after the substrate is completely dry. Moreover, the early maintenance is very important, and the base course should be kept fully wet

b. The pool surface should be divided to prevent shrinkage cracks and coating joints of the plastered base. The dividing strip should be hard and straight. When painting the facade, dividing lines (structural grids) shall be reserved according to the design requirements

c. the base course must be dry, firm, flat, intact, free of dirt, grease, dust and mold

d. 1:2 cement mortar corner protection line shall be made at the corner of the fish pond and shrimp pond surface and at the inlet and outlet openings

e. before the construction of base course cement mortar, measures such as brushing interface agent on the concrete wall surface and placing steel wire mesh at the junction of brick wall and concrete column pool surface should be taken to avoid hollowing and cracking between the plastering layer and the base course. The cement mortar should be vertical and flat

2). Base treatment and inspection

a. the flashing of the plastered surface on the top of the fish pond and shrimp pond should be inward

b. The base course usually does not need putty. If it must be embedded, special waterproof and crack resistant mortar with an average thickness of no more than 2 mm should be used. It should be scraped at one time, which is mainly used for secondary leveling. The pool surface after the batch is required to meet the high-level plastering acceptance standard

c. Before the construction of Taiwan Nanbao ecological pool paint, the condition of the base course such as flatness, strength, cracks, roughness, moisture content, alkalinity and other quality indicators should be accepted and recorded. Those that do not meet the requirements should be repaired in advance and cured according to the regulations. The paint can be constructed only after it meets the acceptance requirements

specific acceptance: the determination of the pH value of mortar requires that the test paper should be tested after the mortar is painted and cured. The moisture content can be measured by taking a piece of mortar at the corresponding part and using the drying method. In actual operation, it can be basically determined through characteristic observation

d. various components, embedded parts, plumbing facilities, etc. on the pool surface should be installed and positioned as soon as possible according to the design requirements, and the exposed steel parts must be treated with rust prevention first

e. the construction surface shall be smooth, clean and free of sundries and other attachments, and the sundries, soil sand, dust, etc. attached to the base surface shall be removed with a brush

f. the walls of fish ponds, fish ponds and shrimp ponds filled with formwork shall be cleaned with solvent (banana water) when the formwork is coated with release agent. If the wood grain of the formwork is left on the pool surface, it should be removed, otherwise it will affect the discoloration and uplift of the film in the future

g, pretreatment of the old pool surface

g.1, cleaning the pool surface

if there are loose and bulging parts on the pool surface, it must be completely eradicated

if there is an old coating that is powdered and falls off and is not water resistant, the old coating should be washed away with high-pressure water. The pool surface with oil and dust should be cleaned with detergent or lye

the solid form formed by algae, mold, residual bait and excreta on the pool surface must be polished and cleaned

g.2. Clean the pool surface: clean the cleaned pool surface with clean water to ensure that the pool surface is free of oil, dust and other impurities

g.3. Crack treatment: before construction, check whether there are large cracks inside and outside the pool. Clean up the large cracks first. If possible, chisel them into a "U" shape, and then use the paste putty prepared by cement + polymer resin glue + a trace of more than 80 mesh quartz sand to repair them in 2-3 times and dry them naturally

II. Construction preparation before painting fish pond and shrimp pond

1. Inspect the goods in strict accordance with the determined standard color card number or sealed sample. Before large-scale construction, the operator should make a "template" according to the process requirements and save it until completion

2. The labels on the packaging barrels of Taiwan Nanbao ecological pool paint should not be damaged. Storage and transportation should avoid exposure to the sun and rain, and winter should avoid freezing

3. Taiwan Nanbao ecological pool paint should be stacked separately with different models and colors

4. Before painting, it should be diluted with clean water as required, and can be used only after being fully stirred, and it should be used as soon as it is mixed

5. The support points and pull nodes of the scaffold shall be properly shifted and repaired before painting. The distance between the scaffold and the wall shall be about 40cm for painting operation

6. Carry out unified training for workers before construction to achieve three unification: unified water mixing rate per pass, unified coating amount per pass and unified construction method

7. Airless spraying is not suitable when the temperature is less than 5 ℃ or the humidity is greater than 80%

8. Requirements for dilution water: clean, tap water and purified water can be used; Natural water such as well water and mountain spring water that has not been purified is not available

III. construction of Taiwan Nanbao ecological pool paint

1. Construction method

can be roller coated, brush coated or sprayed with airless spraying equipment, or combined construction can be carried out according to the construction site and needs

2. Theoretical recoating time

the previous construction should be dried for more than 2 hours before the second construction of Taiwan Nanbao ecological pool paint

3. Water mixing rate (weight ratio)

add clean water for dilution. The water mixing rate can be adjusted according to the construction environment, construction tools and other factors, but it should not exceed the highest water mixing rate

when roll coating and brush coating processes are adopted, the dilution ratio of the first pass is ≤ 25%, that is, the maximum mixing water per barrel is 5.25kg; The dilution rate of the second time is ≤ 20%, that is, the maximum mixing water per barrel is 4.20kg

when the spraying process is adopted, the water mixing rate per pass is ≤ 8%, that is, the maximum water mixing per barrel is not more than 1.68kg

4. The construction order

should be from top to bottom by fish pond and shrimp pond, first the pond wall and then the pond bottom, first the small surface and then the large surface, and each facade should be carried out from left to right

brush the internal and external corners, pipe edges, equipment bottom, etc. with a brush before large-area construction

joints are not allowed in large-area construction. If sectional construction is required, dividing joints and internal and external corners should be used as the dividing line

5. The dosage of Taiwan Nanbao ecological pool paint is

0.19-0.20kg/㎡, which is evenly applied in two times

21kg per barrel can be coated with about 100-110 ㎡ (roller coating, brush coating); The spraying area is about 80 ㎡

6. The actual construction interval of each time

in view of the fact that the bottom of the fish pond and shrimp pond should also be painted, it is recommended to carry out the second construction 24 hours after the end of the first construction

during the second construction, personnel entering the pool must wear clean soft soled rubber shoes or put on clean shoe covers for construction, so as to avoid pollution and damage to the pool bottom caused by sand and gravel and other debris in the sole

after the construction of Taiwan Nanbao ecological pool paint is completed, it must be naturally dried within 24 hours, and cannot be exposed to rain, water, trampling, etc

7. Curing period

whether the paint film is dry is particularly important to the use effect. In order to ensure that the paint film is completely dry (the paint film is crosslinked to the best state), it needs to be cured for 7 days when the temperature is 25 ℃ and the humidity is 50-80%

when the temperature is too low or the humidity is too high, the drying time must be extended to ensure that the paint film is completely dry

8. Waterproof closed water test

because the pool needs to work in saturated water for a long time, in order to confirm that the combination of paint film and base meets the requirements, waterproof closed water test must be carried out. Generally, it takes 2-3 days. If the paint film bubbles, it should be repaired in time

9. Precautions for putting into use

clean up the fish pond and shrimp pond first, clean up the dirt, and disinfect according to the disinfection standard of aquaculture. Then, after the users meet and meet the standards of aquaculture through self-test, they can start production according to the relevant specifications of aquaculture




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