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The cabinet is the operation center of the kitchen, and the cabinet plays an important role in the modern kitchen. While the overall cabinet leads the home fashion, how should we choose it. The following editor will introduce some problems that need to be paid attention to in selecting the overall cabinet

look at hardware: the basic hardware accessories of the cabinet are hinges and drawers (slides). The quality of cabinet hardware is directly related to the service life and price of cabinet. An important condition to measure the cost performance of a set of cabinets is whether the drawers (slides) and other hardware are professional and high-end. A good overall cabinet brand drawer can be used more than 50000 times

second, look at the material: the material is the main factor affecting the quality of the cabinet. The final quality results of different materials are different, and the price is also different. Cabinet materials mainly include particleboard, wood board and density board. Among them, the performance of imported particleboard is very excellent in all aspects, but the price of cabinet is high. Domestic particleboard is also designed and manufactured by imports. It has good load-bearing property and is not easy to deform. Its environmental protection can meet the national environmental protection standards

three looks at workmanship: in appearance, check whether the cabinet door and the edge banding of the cabinet are neat and smooth. The cabinet with machine edge banding has a smooth appearance and smooth feel. Such cabinets will not be glued, blistered and deformed after long-term use, and the edges of cabinets with manual edge banding are very easy to fall off

fourth, look at the installation quality: if a set of good cabinets are not installed by professionals, it will be a great pity. Its impact is small to the appearance of products, and large to the safety of customers using cabinets. Therefore, we must see the installation level of the installation personnel of the cabinet company and whether they have received professional training. Only with good product quality and good installation quality, can we be a complete and qualified well-known brand product of kitchen cabinet

five look at brands: choosing brands is very important for cabinets. Because ordinary consumers are easy to encounter various problems in the process of use and operation, and large brands are relatively perfect in sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects, which can provide better after-sales services to consumers




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