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Intimate choice of mini bathroom

although you only have a bathroom of less than 6 square meters, you still don't have to worry about not having a chance with the Jacuzzi from now on. You can choose a Jacuzzi with a smaller external size and a deeper cylinder, and use a massage faucet with an independent motor to replace complex pumps and pipes, so as to save the space occupied by the masonry table. Because the square bathtub can be placed in a corner or against a single-sided wall, it is very suitable for use in small bathrooms. Generally speaking, the light in the small bathroom is not enough. Choosing a Jacuzzi with spectral lights and underwater lights will make your bathing process more romantic and warm

let you know the selection rules of the Jacuzzi

1 The massage bathtub pressed by pure acrylic plate has excellent tactility and thermal insulation performance. The steel plate ceramic massage bathtub is not easy to deform and easy to take care of. You can choose it according to your actual needs

2. When choosing a special-shaped Jacuzzi, you should arrange the space according to the shape of the bathroom. Before installation, do a good job of field measurement, and it is best to ask professionals to guide the installation

3. A good Jacuzzi can remove the residual water in the circulation system after the bath, so as to ensure that the pipeline does not breed bacteria, so as to ensure the health of the next bath

special arrangement of irregular bathrooms

for bathrooms with irregular pattern but large enough space, special-shaped massage bathtubs that are just suitable for the bathroom space can be considered. Triangular, diamond shaped or fan-shaped massage bathtubs specially designed for space corners can make full use of this unique space. Hexagonal and octagonal Jacuzzi are definitely the first choice for classical bathrooms. In addition, you can also match it with the skirt matching the bathtub, which will make the bathroom more beautiful and generous. If you like the feeling of a freestanding bathtub, you can also use the method of inlaying tiles or mosaics to build the countertop to integrate the bathtub and bathroom style

let you know all

five details you can't ignore

1 Don't drop bath essence or aromatic oil into the water when using the Jacuzzi, otherwise an oil layer that cannot be removed will form on the pipe or faucet

2. Do not use shampoo, bath liquid and other chemicals in the massage bathtub (especially acrylic bathtub, which will cause its color change and yellowing), only use the bath products specially equipped for the massage bath

3. Please use the neutral disinfectant specified in the manual to disinfect every time you clean the jacuzzi

4. No matter whether the massage equipment is used or not, the suction port of the massage bathtub should not be covered or blocked by foreign matters to ensure the normal operation of the equipment

5. Electrical equipment (such as electric razor or hair dryer, etc.) cannot be used near the jacuzzi. Do not turn on these electrical equipment even if the Jacuzzi is not used

top equipment of luxury bathroom

if you have a large bathroom with an area of more than 12 square meters, the Jacuzzi is definitely the most unique scenic spot in your bathroom. Whether it's independent, inlaid, double or multi person, it will bring you a lot of surprises. Square and rectangular bathtubs are simple and generous, while round and oval bathtubs show individuality. In order to create a personalized bathing area, you can also add wooden steps around the bathtub, or choose a Jacuzzi with magic lights, and some bathtubs can even become a bathing bed for rest

let you know everything

1 Because the massage of the massage bathtub to the human body will lead to the acceleration of blood flow, people with heart disease, thrombosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should use it carefully, and the water temperature should not be too high. People with varicose veins in the legs should seek the advice and opinions of doctors

2. When bathing, you can wrap the petals, leaves, peels and other items with fine gauze and immerse them in water. Fragrance can stimulate people's sense of smell, and different fragrances can have different effects. For example, eucalyptus leaves, thyme, ivy, dwarf pine and chrysanthemum together are suitable for people with colds; Lemon, mint, camphor and rosemary together can remove chronic fatigue; Lavender, valerian and Schizonepeta tenuifolia are of great help to people with insomnia and can improve sleep disorders

3. Similar to the smell, different colors also give people different feelings. Red makes people excited, yellow makes people happy, green can relax, and blue gives people calm. The bathtub is equipped with a magic color function to realize the dream of bathing

4. The best bath time is after 9:00 p.m., so that people's spirit and body can be very relaxed before going to bed. It is best not to take more than 30 minutes for each massage bath, and the water temperature should not exceed 38 ° C. don't suddenly stand up after bathing, so as to avoid dizziness and accidents




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