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During the 6th China (Guangzhou) customized Home Furnishing Exhibition and the 6th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition in 2016, Ba Qi, the operation director of Yipin received an on-site interview with the home hotline and Huiya information reporters

On March 26-28, 2016, the 6th China (Guangzhou) customized home exhibition and the 6th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition opened. The overall home digital customized brand one one product grandly released three new products, attracting many customers to come to watch and negotiate. Home hotline and Huiya information reporters especially interviewed Mr. Baqi, the operation director, on the spot to share the development plan of one family one product in the new year

(Yijia Yipin product and image display)

(BA Qi, the operation director of Yijia Yipin, accepted the interview with home hotline ・ Huiya information)

reporter: Hello, Mr. Ba, what new products does Yijia Yipin bring in this exhibition? Can you introduce them

President Ba: we have three key products in this exhibition. The first one is simple and elegant, suitable for high-end people; The other one is a warm and small house type, mainly with rich color matching, suitable for young people; The third is the development of functional home, which is very convenient and can be retracted and stored. This effect is better

Reporter: is there any strategy in channel development this year

Mr. Ba: everyone knows that the concept of Internet + is advocated all over the country. Our customized home furnishing industry must combine online and offline. In 2016, one product wants to enter all channels, whether exhibition or e-commerce, in order to quickly deploy our entire national network intensively, start the online and offline o2o mode, strive for online drainage, complete offline experience and complete orders

(one product and image display)

(one product and image display)

reporter: I just saw your poster that the current front-end design is very fast. Is this front-end design now available online? Or in the store? Or is it constantly strengthening in design

Mr. Ba: I also mentioned the concept of o2o just now. At present, we are working on offline stores, so now the software we experience is mainly offline. When the online development is completed, the online experience software will be relatively matched. In the future, we can experience online and offline

reporter, does one family one product plan to make efforts in brand building

President Ba: Yijia Yipin has always advocated the furniture culture of "entertainment shopping". We want to make Yijia Yipin a store full of entertainment atmosphere. We don't hope that consumers here will be disappointed. Therefore, we are not as rigid as general furniture stores. We need to build shopping malls into places suitable for people's entertainment in a unique style, so that consumers habitually regard them as a leisure place, which can be unconsciously infected by the "one family, one product" culture. We want to let consumers not only buy satisfactory furniture or household products, but also learn a lot of common sense of life to stimulate their decorative inspiration. What we need is such a brand image

reporter: is there a plan for dealer expansion in 2016, and is there a plan for terminal activities

President Ba: in terms of store development, our goal in 2016 is to add 200 new stores; In terms of terminal activities and promotion, we have taken the position of the two exhibitions, the building materials exhibition in July, and other exhibitions such as Shanghai and Chengdu will also be considered; In terms of network promotion, such as Baidu, Sogou and other network promotion, we have started to do it very early





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