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Taiwan manufacturers plan to launch nano coatings next year

Taiwan manufacturers plan to launch nano coatings next year


news from Taipei: the Taiwan nano fucan company in preparation recently disclosed that the company will officially launch nano coatings at the beginning of next year, making it the first enterprise in Taiwan to launch this product

Naduo is difficult or impossible with the existing injection molding technology. The main customers of this product of MiFu carbon company will be "CSSC" and Taipower. The vessels of "China National Shipbuilding Corporation" and the high-voltage electric facilities of Taiwan Electric Power Co., Ltd. located near the sea can be painted once a year if they are coated with nano paint, instead of having to be painted every 2 or 3 months

Nanfu Carbon Co., Ltd. is currently applying for establishment and can be officially announced at the end of this year with a capital of 10million US dollars. The owner and R in charge of D company plan to successively launch nano glass, nano cement, nano steel bar, nano battery and other products in the next few years

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