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Taizhou will be built into the largest polylactic acid production base in Asia

about 1.5% of plastic products will be turned into waste within one year

the 50000 tons/year polylactic acid resin and products project of Zhejiang hainuoer biomaterials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Haizheng group, was officially started in Taizhou Bay circular economy industrial cluster recently

it is reported that the project has a total investment of 950million yuan, covers an area of 313 mu, and the construction period is 18 months. After being put into operation, it can form an average annual sales of 1.65 billion yuan and an average annual profit and tax of 400million yuan. It will become the largest polylactic acid production base in Asia

"the 50000 ton polylactic acid project was launched to improve its thermal conductivity, announcing the real landing of Haizheng biomaterial industry in Taizhou, which is an important milestone for Haizheng group to expand from biomedicine to biomaterials." Baihua, Secretary of the Party committee of Haizheng Group Co., Ltd. and chairman of Haizheng biomaterials Co., Ltd., said at the commencement ceremony

allegedly, In technology "These investments reflect our firm commitment to the Asian market. In terms of R & D, Haizheng has opened up the entire polylactic acid industry chain including lactic acid fermentation, catalytic technology, continuous reaction and polymerization technology, and has 14 national invention patents. At present, Haizheng's polylactic acid has formed strategic partners with BASF and other well-known enterprises in the world, and has also cooperated with dozens of downstream supporting enterprises in the production of products in process in Taizhou.

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