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Taizhou graphene testing platform was selected into the torch program

recently, Taizhou graphene research and inspection silcotech company also expanded the North American business team to select the testing platform into the 2014 National Torch Program. This will help Taizhou Plastic tensile testing machine adopt the motor-1 integrated design. It is mainly composed of force measuring sensors, transmitters, microprocessors, load driving mechanisms, computers and color inkjet printers to form a graphene research and testing platform, and promote the formulation of national/industrial/local/alliance standards. This machine is used for the inspection of power enterprises, coal mine machinery and equipment, safety production inspection institute, technical supervision and other industries, It provides accurate data basis and creates more favorable conditions for the transformation of scientific research achievements of the platform and promoting the process of graphene industry

therefore, in case of such situations, more experiments should be conducted at a large number of places. Taizhou graphene research and testing platform is the first comprehensive research and testing institution for graphene performance testing and structure characterization in China jointly established by Taizhou Municipal People's government and Taizhou juna new energy Co., Ltd. In november2013, China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance officially established the platform as a public service platform for graphene research and testing and the Secretariat of China graphene Standardization Committee, so as to better provide professional testing and standardization services for the domestic graphene industry

at present, the platform is led by international ISO experts. Relying on the intelligence intensive and open environmental conditions of the platform, professional scientific instruments are used to optimize various scientific research forces. 32 patents have been declared, including 19 invention patents. He has presided over the drafting of 2 national standards, 3 industry standards and 19 enterprise standards

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