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Commodity packaging and environmental protection commodity packaging is becoming more and more important in the commodity economy, and the packaging industry is also growing. While vigorously developing the packaging industry, we should enhance the awareness of environmental protection and take corresponding measures to reduce and limit the pollution of packaging waste to the environment. Awareness of environmental protection in commodity packaging receipt date of environmental protection with the development of market economy, the variety of commodities is increasing, and commodity packaging is becoming more and more important. Packaging has become an indispensable part of all areas of commodity production, circulation and consumption. The role of packaging in the development of commodity economy is as follows: protect the internal quality of commodities and ensure that commodities will not be damaged, lost or deteriorated in the whole process from delivery to consumption. The packaging that promotes commodity sales is conducive to identification and promotion, and plays the role of a silent salesman in commodity display. Good and beautiful packaging can improve the value of goods and make customers willing to pay a higher price. Since the packaging protects the goods and reduces the loss, the grinding surface of the sample and the polishing disc should be absolutely parallel and evenly pressed on the polishing disc to increase profits. Packaging makes the goods easy to store and reduce damage, which is more suitable for the needs of further processing. At present, the packaging industry in developed countries has become a relatively large industrial system in the national economy. For example, the packaging industry in the United States ranks fifth in the entire national economy, second only to the steel, automobile, oil and construction industries. In Japan, Germany and Britain, the annual output value of the packaging industry accounts for more than 2% of the gross national product. More importantly, the packaging output value is added to the commodity value to reduce the loss in transportation. At the same time, the packaging inspection industry, especially the paper product packaging inspection instruments, can also be said to have ushered in the competitiveness of commodities with good development prospects, thus obtaining more economic benefits. New generation information technology, new energy New materials and other technologies have accelerated the integration with the automotive industry. For example, a coffee company in the United States saves millions of dollars in freight and losses every year due to improved packaging. At the same time, the selling price and volume of commodities are increased. Another example is that the ginseng exported from foreign trade in China was packed in wooden boxes with 20 dry grams as a unit, which not only affected the value of ginseng, but also affected the sales volume and unit price. After changing to small packaging, the ginseng price was increased by 30 because of its exquisite packaging and high texture, which was suitable for sale as a gift, and the sales volume was also greatly increased. After the reform and opening up, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly and made great achievements. Over the past 10 years, the annual output value of the packaging industry has increased annually. The proportion of the total output value of the packaging industry in the gross national product has increased from 1.02 in the 1980s to 1. 02 in 1993 15. China's packaging industry undertakes the packaging task of 2.5 trillion yuan of industrial and agricultural products and 60billion US dollars of export commodities every year, and has formed a relatively complete packaging industry system. The development of packaging industry has promoted the economic development of our country. The impact of the packaging industry on the environment: with the increasing importance of packaging in all sectors of the national economy, the scale of the packaging industry is also expanding. In particular, disposable packaging and light plastic packaging materials, which are widely used in recent years, have been thrown away by consumers after use, forming a large number of waste that is difficult to deal with, resulting in environmental pollution problems. The "white dragon" along the railway is caused by the abandonment of secondary lunch boxes. Because this disposable polystyrene plastic is not easy to be degraded and it is difficult to recycle, it is accumulating more and more. There is also a large amount of polyethylene bags used for food packaging, which is also the main cause of white pollution after people throw them away. Therefore, environmental protection is a worldwide topic in the 21st century. Strengthening the awareness of environmental protection will become an important social morality in people's daily life. Due to the rising awareness of environmental protection, an unprecedented "green revolution" is emerging all over the world. Packaging industry is also facing a new situation. That is to say, the development of packaging industry should consider environmental issues at the same time to coordinate the two. In terms of the current situation, the following measures can be taken to reduce and limit the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste. For the storage, transportation and maintenance of commodities, packaging materials that are easy to handle shall be selected as far as possible, and new packaging materials shall be actively developed. Facts have proved that with the rise of the "green packaging" trend in developed countries in Europe and the United States, many enterprises have developed green packaging materials that meet environmental protection requirements and have achieved certain results. Pulp molding packaging is gradually replacing plastic materials that are difficult to degrade. In addition, new materials meeting environmental protection requirements are also developed. For example, a company in the United States has developed a renewable paper packaging mat. It uses the old newspaper pulp to create this kind of packaging mat, which can replace the widely used and non degradable foam plastic mat. Due to the wide use of plastics in the packaging industry, ordinary plastics are difficult to degrade, resulting in serious "white pollution" caused by their wastes. People are looking for a new environmentally friendly material to replace the old plastic. In this regard, Tianjin Danhai Co., Ltd. has adopted the "eighth five year plan scientific research achievements of Tianda" to launch biodegradable plastic mother liquor, and the research has made breakthrough progress. At present, a production capacity of 30000 tons of master batch and 10000 tons of related products has been formed. At present, most domestic degradable plastic manufacturers introduce foreign technology, which has high production cost, high product price and great difficulty in market promotion. After 6 years of development and industrial research, Danhai company has initiated a degradable plastic made of starch as the main raw material and polyethylene. Its starch content can reach 75

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