The hottest takeout era is coming. Food safety can

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The era of takeout is coming. Food safety can not be ignored.

in recent years, with the rapid development of society, networking has also spread to all aspects of society. The rapid rise of the takeout industry enables citizens to enjoy fast and convenient meal delivery services without leaving home. However, the fast-food lifestyle makes us unable to visually see the food preparation process, and the safety of the "tip of the tongue" is not guaranteed

according to the statistics of drive China in 2018, in 2016, according to the statistics of relevant institutions, the scale of the takeout market reached 178.16 billion yuan. As of July 2017, according to industry insiders, the number of merchants cooperating with meituan takeout and hungry was basically about 2million, while the number of restaurants cooperating with meituan Dianping reached 6million. In addition, the entry of didi takeout has promoted the vigorous development of the takeout market. In the future, the scale of the takeout market will continue to grow

with the rapid expansion of the take away market, many problems have also been exposed

first, food safety. Not to mention whether the ingredients have been carefully cleaned, the takeaway food packing incident is enough to shock people. Due to the large number of takeout merchants, scattered distribution and many other problems, the government departments are limited in personnel, time, energy and other aspects, so it is difficult to check and eliminate the coaxiality testing machine of the qualified material testing machine of takeout merchants. The best is HY series microcomputer controlled electronic universal material testing machine, health and so on. There are also some takeaway businesses that blindly pursue profit maximization and try their best to reduce costs. Small and micro food operators, such as small workshops and food vendors, rent small shops or no shops for catering production. Most of them are dirty, small, scattered and disorderly representatives. Many takeout businesses fail to meet the 11 food safety standards stipulated in Article 33 of the food safety law

secondly, there is the issue of business qualification. Compared with the complex application procedures of traditional physical catering enterprises, there is almost no threshold for businesses to register for takeout stores. Businesses only need to upload copies of physical store photos, business licenses and other licenses to the station. After the application is passed, the relevant local food safety departments conduct on-the-spot inspection, that is, they can have a meal ordering platform to carry out business. However, the lax control of the online platform and the omissions of relevant departments have made many businesses take advantage of the loopholes. Many online ordering platforms display "uploading" in the store information, and some online ordering platforms do not display whether the seller has a business license or not. For those sellers who have not uploaded successfully and have not displayed their licenses, how can consumers feel at ease

if the industry cannot be self disciplined and the supervision cannot keep up with the pace of industry development, it will have a fatal impact on the development of any industry. How to supervise online ordering? It has become an urgent practical problem to be solved. As there is no special safety standard for takeout food in China, the whole market needs to be standardized

last year, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the measures for the supervision and administration of food and beverage services (Draft for comments). The draft for Soliciting Opinions indicates that if it affects the stable supply of products and provides online catering services, it must have a physical store and obtain a food business license according to law, otherwise it will be fined at least 50000 yuan as part of the lightweight solution; If the value of the food illegally produced or operated exceeds 10000 yuan, a fine of not less than 10 times but not more than 20 times the value of the food shall be imposed

in addition, the measures for the supervision and management of food and beverage services (Exposure Draft) also strengthened the supervision and management of third parties. Now, the network catering platform is not only a provider of catering services, but also has the obligation of "gatekeeper" of catering enterprise qualification. If the rights and interests of consumers are damaged due to the operation of the third-party platform, the third-party platform should also bear joint and several liabilities in accordance with the law

"eating" is a "big thing" for the people. Every link in the food industry is the focus of the people. From "collateral takeout" to "reassuring takeout", with the upgrading of national consumption concept, people's requirements for catering are constantly improving. The food and drug administration has also strictly controlled every line of defense from the farmland to the dining table. It has zero tolerance for violations of laws and regulations, has a Kwai, and has a heavy fist to guard the safety of the people. For each of our consumers, while enjoying the convenience, we should also bear a responsibility to report the bad restaurants without business license or hygiene license in time. Be responsible for your own safety and the environment in which you live

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