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Talent strategy guides plastic machinery enterprises to build a reasonable development mechanism

"talent is the key to the governance of the world". Hu Yuan, a thinker and educator in the Northern Song Dynasty, put forward his own unique views on the key role of talent in governing the country. In the past thousand years, the correctness of this conclusion has been repeatedly confirmed: countries that attach importance to talents, are good at cultivating and introducing talents, and can make efficient use of talents can lead the world in science and technology and economy, and vice versa

as the largest developing country in the world, China has a large population, a weak foundation and relatively insufficient per capita resources. This basic national condition determines that China's development must adhere to the "people-oriented" principle and take the road of talent power. The fundamental purpose of China's strategy of building a strong country with talents is to take talents as a key factor in promoting the development of the cause, strive to bring up hundreds of millions of high-quality workers, tens of millions of specialized talents and a large number of top-notch innovative talents, build a large-scale, reasonably structured and high-quality talent team, create a new situation in which talents emerge in large numbers and make full use of their talents, and transform China from a populous country into a powerful country with human resources, Vigorously enhance the country's core competitiveness and comprehensive national strength

plastic machinery is a sunrise industry and one of the top ten industries for national revitalization. China's plastic machinery industry will usher in a new period of development. Seek development through innovation, improve the performance of existing products, take a step forward from low-end products to medium and high-end products, strive to independently innovate and develop high-end products, and guide market development. Taking advantage of the quality and price of the products will surely expand the scope of domestic demand. Under the premise of the international financial crisis and energy conservation, China's plastic machinery has gradually turned to the specialization of mechanical equipment that produces lightweight, resource-saving, energy-saving and recycled products. The plastic machinery industry should make more active efforts on the basis of the existing development, strive to continuously narrow the gap with the international advanced plastic machinery, take the scientific development path of independent innovation, and become a powerful country in the plastic machinery industry

at this critical stage, the talent strategy of plastic machinery enterprises is particularly important. The main factors of independent innovation are the excavation and exertion of technology development talents, the scientific transformation of technology research and development, and the construction of talent system and mechanism conducive to the scientific development of plastic machinery

the exertion and level of innovation ability of technological development talents are directly related to product development and product technological progress, the survival of enterprises and the survival and development of national plastic machinery industry. Technology development talents should cultivate and improve themselves, constantly improve their quality and professional ability, dare to innovate, dare to invent and challenge themselves

at the same time, enterprises must also pay attention to the cultivation and improvement of technological talents' innovation ability. The transformation of talent resources from "application talents" to "training talents". With the continuous innovation and development of science and technology, the knowledge of technical personnel will be eliminated if they can not keep up with it. On the one hand, it mainly depends on the initiative of technical personnel, but it is also indispensable for enterprises to focus on providing material, financial, environmental and other external factors

with a good technical development group, the formaldehyde emission limit in wood-based panels and their products GB18580 ⑵ 001 must have a leader who has a wide range of knowledge and can give full play to the team spirit, so as to lead the group to overcome problems, reduce mistakes in the development process, and continuously affect the operating factors of shear strength: innovative development of plastic machines. The most important thing for technology developers is the concern, understanding and support of the enterprise for the development of its innovation ability. Enterprise leaders must shoulder this important task and play a positive guiding role

what is the shortage of enterprise development? Is it money? Technology? Or the market? Not really. Insufficient funds can be solved through financing; No technology can be introduced; The market is limited and can be gradually developed. In a word, what enterprises lack most is talents

only under the strategic guidance of mold micro machining technology and with an open talent view, can enterprises form a reasonable talent mechanism as soon as possible and drive the sustainable development of enterprises

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