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The biggest highlight of this model is the color management technology of the new golden color matching model. At present, there are countless developers and their products of color management, and almost all famous prepress equipment/image software manufacturers have made research and development. Table 1 shows the color management products of some famous manufacturers and their prices in the United States in May

linotypecps color management technology

among cloud developers, linotypecps (that is, before Heidelberg's acquisition, lianoherr, my senior brother worked for lianoherr in the UK!) It is the pioneer of developing color and domestic management. Colorsync of the early and current apple system is the

technology developed by lianoherr

a few months ago, the author visited the linotypecps office in Wanchai. Dr. zhaoqiping (manager of Asia Pacific Coordination Department) and Miss Qu Yanxin (market management department) were interviewed. Dr. Zhao is one of the members of LinoColor who developed color management. He said that Linotype CPS was the first company to develop color management and was also one of the members of the international color consortium/icc established in 1993. At present, linotypecps is specialized in developing and promoting color management software and smaller equipment, such as Saphir ultra, jade, opal and other desktop scanners. The company is developing some new software extruders as important processing equipment, so that low-cost printing equipment can also output high-quality colors. The color management software and hardware of linotypecps signaling at that time included LinoColor, viewopen ICC, scanopen ICC, printopen ICC and coloropen ICC Lite


linocolor is a scanning software and the core of color management. On the LinoColor interface, you can preview the color of future image output. Before using LinoColor, viewopen ICC, scanopen ICC and printopen ICC shall be used to adjust the display, scanner and output device respectively, and the characteristic files (Profiles) of relevant devices shall be made at the same time. Set monitor profile in preference of LinoColor, select scanner profile, and set print profile in print process setup. If the picture is not made by LinoColor, you can convert the file to CIELAB format for use by LinoColor

viewopen icc

viewopen ICC includes a sequel chroma screen color meter in addition to the software. Viewopen also supports other measuring instruments such as colortron II, X-Rite ctp-92 and Gretag spectrolino. The steps to adjust the display are simple. First, start the software, place the measuring instrument in the correct position on the screen surface according to the computer instructions, and then press start. After that, the software will automatically adjust and record the machine: the lifting machine drives the screw nut to rotate through the belt pulley and worm wheel to record the color of the display. After the calculation, a profile will be generated, which will be put into the colorsync profile folder of the preference folder in the apple system folder, and finally set in the colorsync control PANCL

printopen icc

printopen ICC is the software for adjusting output devices and making their profiles. Printopen can create print tables for LinoColor and simulate the display profile for DaVinci system. Of course, the main function of printopen is to create characteristic files of printing machines, postscript output machines, quickdraw printers and RGB output machines. The operation is also very simple. First start the software, and then output the CMY, CMYK or RGB files provided by the software; If you want to output color separation film, you need to make a draft. After making a draft, read the output color with a color measuring instrument. The software will automatically compare the output color with the original standard color, and then the profile of the output machine will be generated. The software supports Gretag SPM10, Gretag SPM 50 and colortron

scanopen icc

scanopen ICC can work with any scanner. In addition to the software, it is equipped with it8 color test table (one photo and six slides respectively) made by Kodak, Fuji and Agfa. It is also very simple to adjust the scanner. First, start the software, then scan the photo paper and slides respectively, and then measure the output color. The system will automatically compare the standard color of the test table, and then establish the profile of the scanner

coloropen ICC lite

the software can make input and output profiles respectively, and can provide the functions required by the entire color management system, which is equivalent to the ability of integrating viewopen, scanopen and printopen. This software supports the following color measuring instruments: Gretag SPM 10/50/55/100, Gretag spectrolino, light source colorron II, sequential imaging chroma/III color calibrator, X-Rite swatchbook, X-Rite dtp-92, etc

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