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Quotation analysis: there is no doubt that the price of hydropower, which must not save money, is naturally the highest; In terms of total price, the price is slightly higher than the general decoration price of 100 square meters and half a package. First, the owner removed the bay window. Second, the wine cabinet and decorative cabinet were made in the guest restaurant. The primary and secondary bedrooms were also made on-site, and the top was modeled with gypsum board. Third, it can be seen that the balcony cost relatively high. The owner made waterproof, hanging cabinet and storage cabinet on the balcony, and wanted to make full use of the balcony space, such as placing washing machines, It can be seen that the owners pay more attention to the decoration and practicality of indoor items

well, the quotation editor has analyzed it with you. Through the quotation, you can also see that there will be a big difference in the decoration cost due to different decoration requirements, so the above quotation is for your reference only. If you want to obtain a detailed decoration quotation, enter the decoration bidding platform of Wuhan home decoration network, and obtain an accurate quotation in 10 seconds. There are dozens of decoration companies in Wuhan to choose from, free room measurement and free supervision, Decoration fee reduction and other concessions, details





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