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The expansion cost of first-line shopping malls has increased. Because it cannot be compared with the existing brands of first-line shopping malls in terms of quality or network location, the situation faced by new brands is unprecedented severe, and the expansion of shopping malls is bound to be limited. There is not much time left for new brands to seize the first-line shopping malls

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the brand position of doors and windows in the world of high-end shopping malls is difficult to shake. Limited by purchasing ability, the number of consumer groups will gather at the top of the pyramid. Many domestic first-line brands have also launched flagship store projects in provincial malls. World first-line brands and domestic first-line and second-line brands basically monopolize China's first-line malls of building materials, doors and windows

brand characteristics of low-end shopping malls: low technical content and severe homogenization of goods; Brand building has just started, and the brand road and communication methods are the same; Intensive sales network construction, the channel capital is reused, and the brand's control over the terminal is not strong; The low price strategy causes endless price war, and the participants are all hurt, and the competition is becoming increasingly heated


at the communication level, door and window brands from selling "decorative materials" to selling "patterns", to buying "environmental protection", to buying "technology", to now selling "taste and culture", showing the superiority of the brand everywhere. In the financial storm, some companies that expand irrationally and earn short-term benefits will withdraw from the market. In the future of this year and even longer, its market share will converge with some companies that attach importance to management, have healthy finance and excellent operation, forming the pattern of "February 8th rule"


especially in the past two years, the commodity concept of the door and window industry has caught up with the wind. On the door and window shopping malls, there is a heat insulation and intelligent heat, and various brands have launched intelligent concept goods in a large number; With the resurgence of archaism and the rise of the trend of imitating wood and metal, door and window companies have repeatedly raised the commodity concept banner of wood grain doors and metal doors to publicize their brand suggestions. The whole door and window shopping mall is immersed in the concept of commodity homogeneity. Among all the door and window commodities, the pattern and style of wooden doors are updated the fastest, just like the model show on the T-shaped stage, which makes people dizzying

if you can smoothly deal with the urgent problems in the development of door and window companies from the four aspects of channels, shopping malls, brands and commodities, and Reform in line with the changes of door and window shopping malls, then your company is likely to have a smooth journey and seize the opportunity of shopping malls compared with other companies





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