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Nowadays, laminate flooring occupies nearly two-thirds of the market in the field of flooring, and its advantages are also the most among all kinds of flooring. Experts believe that the reason why laminate flooring is favored by many consumers is mainly determined by the following characteristics:

first, it is economical and cost-effective

according to the law of commodity economy, the most practical commodities can generally occupy most of the market share, This is determined by the class and structure of the whole society. Low and middle-income people are the mainstream of consumption in the market. The practicality of composite laminate flooring is mainly reflected in that it is the most wear-resistant and the most reasonable price in the flooring category. Because of its high cost performance, most consumers will choose it as their first choice. The profit of laminate flooring of Sanshan company is generally low. Because of its wear resistance, good quality and high cost performance, it has become the first choice of many consumers

second, it is easy to install and take care of.

at present, most of the laminate floors in the market are latch technology, and the latch installation is the easiest one. Sanshan floor adopts the unique German Hercules arc latch, which is easier to install. Moreover, the laminate floor does not need essential oil or waxing maintenance, and there is not much stress and difficulty in cleaning. It can be cleaned with a mop without water. This is another practicality of laminate flooring

III. rich colors and varied fashions

as the pattern of laminate floor is determined by decorative paper, unlike the pattern of solid wood floor, which is an inherent one, this provides a great space for the visual performance of the floor. Laminate flooring can not only have the texture of solid wood flooring, but also be designed into cork flooring, parquet flooring and other patterns and styles, which can match various home decoration styles

the above characteristics determine that the composite laminate floor has firmly occupied the first position in the market share since its birth. However, the laminate floor also has a fatal disadvantage, that is, it is the most taboo to damp and blister. Therefore, special attention should be paid to during installation and later use and maintenance. Scientific and reasonable installation and careful maintenance can avoid all kinds of bulging and arching problems in the later period and prolong the service life of the laminate floor, So as to better serve consumers





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