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Holiday promotion has become a key promotion period for household brands such as wardrobe. During the "May Day" holiday this year, traditional wardrobe enterprises will create "selling points" and attract customers through promotional, preferential, discount and other activities in accordance with the practice. The reporter saw that many brands have launched a series of activities and preferential measures to improve the sales performance of physical stores by taking advantage of the "May Day" golden period of promotion. Wardrobe manufacturers are the key to holiday marketing, and the whole house customized furniture brand Deville

in recent years, with the rise of quality of life, consumers have changed from simply pursuing price and considering cost performance to pursuing high-end quality and customization. The reporter learned in the interview that the improvement of modern families' requirements for the quality of life has led to a surge in market demand for customized home furnishings, one-stop shopping, packaging and so on. According to the random survey of several consumers, most of them are interested in high-quality and customized wardrobes. An insider said that when consumers buy wardrobe products now, they will consider more factors such as product quality and design. "The quality and style of the wardrobe is also the embodiment of the master's temperament." The insiders said

during the holiday promotion, the number of consumers who buy household appliances in sets increased

it is understood that during the "May Day" wardrobe promotion, the number of consumers who buy household appliances in sets also increased significantly. "The new house has just been renovated, and many furniture needs to be purchased. Choosing the way of suite purchase not only has a large discount range, but also saves time and effort. The most important thing is to choose the matching style at one time." Consumer Mr. Zhang said. "At present, arbitrage is more selective, because it can meet the different needs of consumers to a greater extent, adapt to the development trend of contemporary household products, and there will be more room for growth in the future." A wardrobe brand dealer said. "May Day" as an important sales node of wardrobe brands, many businesses have launched super preferential "purchase" packages, the relevant person in charge of a home shopping mall told reporters

pay attention to offline experience, and store experience is also a major advantage of traditional channels

from the perspective of the current wardrobe consumption market, the medium and high-end trend of wardrobe offline consumption is obvious, more and more consumers pay attention to offline experience, and store experience is also a major advantage of traditional home shopping malls. During the "May Day" holiday this year, major home shopping malls competed to play the "experience" brand. In addition to the on-site experience of household products such as wardrobes, consumers can also have close contact with VR glasses, smart home and many other trendy goods. From the sales situation, the pulling effect of the activities is obvious

nowadays, with the upgrading of market consumption and the intensification of industry competition, it is difficult for wardrobe manufacturers to attract consumers' attention simply by preferential promotion. How to further create "selling points", solve user pain points, and improve the overall consumption experience has become the key for wardrobe brands to attract customers and improve sales

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