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As we all know, the construction cycle of decoration projects is long and the process is complex. A decoration project involves many links from the early planning, construction to completion. If the management is not in place, any error in any link will affect the whole construction progress, which will not only cause huge losses to the decoration company, but also suffer complaints from customers. The decoration enterprises apply the ERP management system of decoration cloud housekeeper, You can get rid of many management problems of the project. Why choose cloud housekeeper? The following three points tell you the answer

1. Effective control of project construction progress and quality

decoration companies have many engineering projects, each of which involves more than a dozen or even hundreds of personnel, and the management of project related personnel is related to the construction quality and progress of the project. The decoration project management software can be used to uniformly manage the designers, project managers, construction team leaders, project supervisors, on-site construction personnel, etc. related to the project. Managers can also check the relevant responsible persons and construction progress of the project at any time through the decoration project management software. Once the project has problems, it can also quickly check the wrong links and responsible persons, and quickly solve the problems to ensure the progress and quality of the project construction

2. The working process is more standard

to enable each decoration project to be completed step by step according to the construction plan, our installation enterprises should have standardized and process-based construction. To achieve standardization, we must sort out the process, use the process to promote the progress of the project, and standardize the operation of each link in the process. Using the ERP management system of decoration cloud housekeeper, the decoration company can flexibly formulate corresponding plans according to the project and formulate corresponding construction standards. The project supervisor can carry out construction inspection and acceptance according to the corresponding construction standards

3. Clearer data management

using the ERP management system of decoration cloud housekeeper can make all links of decoration projects digitalized and realize digitalized management. The project manager uploads the pictures and construction logs of the construction site through the mobile phone, so that the relevant personnel of the project can clearly understand the relevant situation of the project and effectively supervise the construction site. Real time data presentation can help enterprises timely understand the progress of the project and the work of employees, and reasonably allocate resources, which can not only enable managers to scientifically arrange engineering tasks, make full use of people, avoid idle personnel, but also improve the implementation rate of the project and ensure the construction progress

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