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Since entering the diatom mud industry, Daqin diatom mud has won the title of "top ten brands of diatom mud" for many consecutive years, ranking at the top of the diatom mud ranking list. Its products are used in indoor decoration such as bedrooms and background walls, clubs and art galleries

since entering the diatom mud industry, Daqin diatom mud has won the title of "top ten brands of diatom mud" for many consecutive years, ranking at the top of the diatom mud ranking list, and its products are used in bedrooms Interior decoration such as background walls and diatom mud projects such as clubs, art galleries and schools. Today, we try to interpret Daqin diatom mud from three key words


when it comes to Daqin diatom mud, many people give thumbs up and praise the quality of diatom mud wall materials. In terms of product quality, Daqin diatom mud dare not be careless. As one of the few diatom mud manufacturers with independent research and development ability and theoretical system in China, Daqin diatom mud selects natural and healthy diatomite resources from Jilin high-quality Changbai diatomite mining area, with a porosity of 90% or more, effectively absorbs indoor formaldehyde, water and odor, and decomposes formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water under the joint action of natural light and photocatalyst nano materials, so that diatom mud can truly absorb formaldehyde Decompose the function of formaldehyde, eliminate indoor formaldehyde, and take care of the health of the whole family. It is worth mentioning that Daqin weakly alkaline diatom mud is the first diatom mud product with decomposition function in China, which has caused strong repercussions in the industry

high end

Daqin diatom mud is located in the middle and high-end consumer group, adding beauty to the home space with powerful functions and rich texture. In order to meet the higher requirements of high-end consumers for personality and natural style, Daqin diatom mud launched the fourth generation of natural wind diatom mud products, which drew elements such as straw, cork materials, settlements, sandstone from nature, and perfectly combined with the characteristics of diatom mud, enhanced the breathing performance of diatom mud, weakened the construction difficulty, improved the construction efficiency, and made the home full of natural pastoral flavor, just like being in nature

rest assured

when the staff of Daqin diatom mud pay a return visit to customers, they often hear such comments: "Daqin diatom mud is reassuring", "the service is very considerate, Daqin is really reassuring". Daqin diatom mud adheres to the original intention of reassuring and saving customers, establishes a perfect pre-sales - in-sales - after-sales service system, visits diatom mud franchisees to carry out assistance activities and help solve practical problems. Daqin diatom mud adheres to the service concept of customer first, provides perfect services for consumers and diatom mud franchisees, thinks what customers think, cares what customers worry, and does not forget the original intention, Carry forward the style of considerate service

quality, high-end and reassurance run through the one-stop system of research and development, production, sales and service of Daqin diatom mud, highlighting the strict requirements of Daqin people for product quality, adherence to customer value and adherence to sincere service. I believe this spirit will make Daqin diatom mud develop better and become the first brand of high-end wall materials in China after the "top ten diatom mud brands"




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